How do I download one of your stories?

Sometimes we get this question, and if you're not familiar with audio downloads, this is a perfectly understandable question. Let us help.

On the product page of the story simply click > Download < to purchase the audio download.

Immediately after you complete your purchase, you will receive a direct link to your download in an email.

The file will be in mp3 format.

You will have 4 chances to download the file.

When you download it, it will be like any other mp3 file. So if you download it to your computer, you can transfer it to any audio device that plays mp3 files to play in the car, at work, at home, anywhere! Or perhaps you want to download it to your computer, then to your phone, then to your work computer, and some other place you have in mind since you have 4 downloads per story. 

We hope this helps simplify any concerns you may have. As always, please shoot us a message on our contact form if you have any questions!

God Bless You!
Regina Martyrum Productions

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