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St. Clare - A Light Unto the World

St. Clare - A Light Unto the World

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Set in 13th century Assisi, Italy.

St. Clare was born in Assisi in the 12th century, the eldest daughter of a wealthy Roman family. When she was 18 years old she heard St. Francis preach in Assisi and since that time she wished to follow the Franciscan rule. Her family wanted her to marry, but she wished to trade her life of luxury for the hardships of poverty in the service of God. She ran away from home and pledged obedience to St. Francis as her superior. She became one his first followers and founded the Order of Poor Ladies. At just 23 years of age she was the sole foundress of a rapidly growing religious order of nuns, soon known as the Poor Clares. 

With exciting sound effects and a full cast of characters, this theatrical Catholic production is the uplifting story of a young girl's faith in God and her heroic courage in the face of His enemies!

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