Blessed Margaret of Castello - The Poor Outcast

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Blessed Margaret of Castello

Few people have heard of Blessed Margaret, but once you know her story, your own problems will never seem the same again. You'd be hard pressed to find among the saints a life so tragic, so heartbreaking, and yet at the same time so full of joyous acceptance of God's Holy Will, as that of little Margaret of Castello. Blind, lame, dwarfed and hunchbacked, she was despised and rejected by her parents, whose only thought was to hide her from the eyes of the world. With unsurpassed cruelty, they locked her at age six in a cell attached to a chapel deep in the woods, where the child remained alone for thirteen years. 

Later she was released, only to be abandoned in a strange city with no shelter, food, or means of support. Yet, through all of these incredible trials, Our Lord fashioned his little servant into a model of holiness, resignation, and heavenly joy. If you've ever felt lonely, abandoned, or overwhelmed by sorrows, this story is sure to bring consolation, courage, and hope. Blessed Margaret is especially invoked against abortions. Learn how to download our stories here.

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