60% OFF - Cyber Monday 2021 - Dramatized Saints Stories

(Before we continue – full disclaimer… this is the lowest price we have ever offered. Yes, even lower than last year.)

It’s also one of the simplest sales. (We like simple.)

Tomorrow morning we are slashing ALL stories to $8 per story.

(We’ve never done that. Ever.)

That’s 60% OFF. Not just on a few stories but on EVERYTHING.

Buy 5 stories for only $40 (valued at $99.75)

Buy 12 stories for only $96.00 (valued at $239.40)

Buy 32 stories for $192.00 (valued over $500!)

But... the fun ENDS AT MIDNIGHT tomorrow.

Plus we’ve added some really neat bonuses and prizes. See below for those extra goodies!

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Happy listening!

Regina Martyrum Productions

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  1. We also allow installments. This allows you 4 interest-free payments on any purchase over $50 when checking out with Shop Pay. Example: Buy the whole collection for $192.00, but only pay $48.00 at checkout. 100% interest free.

That’s what we call being stocked up for fall and winter!

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Ok, so here’s the double icing on the cake…

When you purchase 5 or more stories tomorrow (Monday), you are automatically entered to win one of three BONUS PRIZES.

1st Prize: Win your entire order back for FREE!

(No matter how many stories you get, you keep them and we’ll refund your money with a smile!)

2nd Prize: $100 Amazon Gift card (a big help for your Christmas shopping!)

3rd Prize: $50 Gift Card for even more Saints stories (good for an entire year or gift to anyone you choose!)

And just to be clear…

We guarantee all of our stories. So if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

Simply let us know and we’ll make it right, refund your purchase, buy you a Cruise trip, or a lifetime supply of donuts. So click around knowing your shopping is 100% guaranteed.

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