Cuthbert for Dinner – St. Werburga

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Chester the Gosling would give anything to be like his big brother Cuthbert. Cuthbert has it all – sleek handsome feathers, strong graceful wings, a winning personality, and a whole gaggle of friends. In fact, Cuthbert is the most popular gander around. He and his buddies have all the fun, while poor little Chester with his downy feathers can only paddle around the pond with his best friend Delmer, learning to swim. When Cuthbert and the Goose Gang plan a raid on a cornfield, Chester begs his brother to let him and Delmer come. Little do they know, as they fly off on their first great adventure, that things are about to go terribly wrong. When the geese are captured and his brother killed, Chester knows all is lost. Enter Saint Werburga, the owner of the cornfield, and a breathtaking miracle is performed . . .

An endearing story of brotherly love and God's unfailing mercy, told from the little goose's point of view!  Learn how to download our stories here.


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