Apostle of the Master – St. Jude

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Did you ever wish you could catch a glimpse into the lives of the Apostles? Travel the dusty roads with them, hear their thunderous preaching, witness their stupendous miracles firsthand? Then settle back into your favorite armchair, let the centuries sweep aside, and journey back to the time of Saint Jude! Known as one of the cousins of Our Lord, and widely invoked as the Patron Saint of Desperate Cases, this faithful Apostle of the Master knew all about desperate situations! Both danger and adventure met him at nearly every turn. Follow him through his sufferings, his weariness, his sorrows and triumphs in this spectacular, meticulously researched, full-cast production which is sure to be a hit with young and old alike. After hearing his story, you will never look at a statue of Saint Jude in quite the same way again! Learn how to download our stories here.

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