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Short Story Bundle • St. Giles + St. Anthony

Short Story Bundle • St. Giles + St. Anthony

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St. Giles (The Loyal Friend): Set in the serene, forested wilderness of 8th century France. St. Anthony (The Hungry Gray Mule): Set in rustic 13th century Italy.


 St. Giles

The Loyal Friend - 13 min MP3 

A stormy winter night. A little fawn separated from her mother, lost and alone and frightened. A holy hermit living in a cave. Thus begins the heartwarming friendship between Saint Giles and the baby deer. But their idyllic life together in the forest is soon to be shattered by the arrival of the king's hunters. With the deer in danger and fleeing for her life, Saint Giles is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice of friendship and loyalty. 

Taken from the life of Saint Giles, this endearing story is told from the little deer's point of view! Sure to be enjoyed by children again and again! Learn how to download our stories here.


St. Anthony of Padua

The Hungry Gray Mule - 27 min MP3 

Meet Joshua, a little gray mule, and his kindhearted but stubborn Jewish owner, Guillard. After a chance encounter with Saint Anthony of Padua, the unbelieving Guillard throws out a challenge, demanding the saint to prove the true Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. When Saint Anthony accepts, unsuspecting little Joshua is locked away for three agonizing days and left to starve, yet he becomes the instrument God uses to show the entire town, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Holy Eucharist is indeed the Body of Christ. This incredible true story is told from the little mule's point of view! A beautiful lesson on the Blessed Sacrament, which will delight children of all ages. Learn how to download our stories here.

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