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  • 32 Immersive Lives of the Saints 😇

    ✅ Each story includes full dramatization with sound effects, musical score, narration, and dialogue!

    (It’s actually hard to stop listening.)

    ✅ Over 25 hours of inspiring family-friendly entertainment.

    (Educational but also inspiring.)

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    ✅ No monthly subscription, no membership fees. Just lifetime access.

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What's Inside The Bundle?

Over 25 hours of inspiring Catholic stories. Each story is carefully crafted from historical events or private revelation and presented with dramatization through dialogue, narration, sound effects, and music. Experience Catholic history like never before!

  • With St. Catherine Labouré, teach them Devotion to Our Lady.
  • With St. Jude, teach them the zeal of apostolic labor.
  • With St. Gerard, impress upon them the strength of humility and confidence in God.
  • With St. Frances Cabrini, teach them the power of fraternal charity.
  • With St. Isaac Jogues, prepare them with a greater courage for difficult times.
  • Plus 25+ great examples brought into your living room or car!

You're Joining Thousands of Listeners Around The Globe

Our journey began in 1994. Over the last 30 years, we've been blessed to reach tens of thousands listeners around the world.

Our stories have been enjoyed by listeners – both young and less-young – in over 22 countries. Yes, in every state of the United States. Every province of Canada. And hundreds of listeners and living rooms across Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, Switzerland, the Philippines, and more. With every new listener, we expand on our Mission to inspire devotion to the saints worldwide.

Who Are These For?

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, a godparent – or all three – there are dozens of ways to make use of the lives of the saints in our Collection.

👧🏻👦🏻👶🏻 For Families

  • During car rides to the store or to Mass (help keep everyone recollected)
  • Long road trips (make time fly)
  • Downtime (so you can finally put your feet up)
  • Supplemental content for religion classes
  • Play time (many of our listeners say their kids act out scenes during the story)
  • Meal time (quiet lunches or easy dinners… your choice)
  • House work (some say they do laundry or finish dishes to our stories)
  • Feast days (sanctify 30+ feast days by listening to the lives of the saints throughout the Liturgical Year)

😇 For Godparents

  • Share your stories with godchildren for First Holy Communion or Confirmation
  • Help fulfill your role as Godparent (good Catholic influences go a long way)
  • Easily gift 24+ hours of entertaining saints stories (even if you live in another state)
  • Enjoy these stories for yourself (commutes to work, travel, or at home)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For Grandparents

  • Perfect gift for birthdays for your adult children or your grandkids
  • Help your adult children find some rest (by keeping your grandkids entertained!)
  • Not sure about Christmas, First Holy Communion, or Confirmation gifts? These are perfect.
  • Enjoy these stories for yourself (in the morning over coffee, on your way to Mass on Sunday, or anytime you want).

⛪️ Even More Uses

  • We have Sisters listening to our stories during their meal time.
  • We have Missionaries using our stories at their missions. (One shared a photo from Africa of young ones listening intently!)
  • We have other Religious and Priests who have enjoyed our stories both at their priories or monasteries, or on the road.
  • We have teachers and schools playing our stories during art class or recess on rainy days.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Do these really inspire virtue and love of the saints? 

Yes! In fact, we have had customers who have written to us to share amazing stories about their family loving them.

One such story came from the family of a young boy who was so inspired by St. Isaac Jogues that he decided his Confirmation Name would be Isaac after this great missionary saint. It goes to show a good story can have a positive influence!

Can I stream these stories online instead of downloading?

Yes, you can immediately stream these stories for instant listening. However, there is an initial limit since they should be downloaded to your computer. They can be played anywhere and without the need for an internet connection.

What are some of the ways I can use these stories?

  • Road Trips
  • Story time during dinner or in the evening
  • In the car (or commutes) to Mass, to the grocery store, on errands, or to sports activities.
  • Quiet time during the homeschooling or supplement religion classes
  • Home theater for the whole family 
  • In the classroom or for school activities on saints’ feast days

How long is each story?

The lengths of the stories vary between 30-90 minutes.

The 32 stories total over 25 hours of length!

Do you offer CD's?

That is a great question! Currently we only offering audio streaming or audio downloads of these stories. This saves our customers from paying shipping and enables instant listening.

We are considering offering CD's in the future but would like to hear from you. Please contact us and let us know if you would like these in CD format in the future.

Additionally, you can burn your own CD's from these story downloads. We have a tutorial on how to burn your own CD (for Mac or Windows) here. We are also here for you. Just contact us if you have any issues along the way!

Is it really a 90-day Return Period?

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase from Regina Martyrum Productions, we will cheerfully refund every penny of your purchase. No questions asked for 90 Days (when you purchase the full collection).

90 days feels a bit extreme maybe, but it's what we do for our listeners who get the Full Collection!

How do I get this for 4 payments of $48.00?

Great question! Here's how to do it...

  1. Click "Add to Cart" then click "Check out"
  2. At checkout, choose ShopPay.
  3. Choose "4 payments every two weeks". Done!

These are interest-free payments when choosing 4 payments at checkout.

(Note – Some listeners say PayPal has a 4-payment option but every account differs.)

How do I gift these?

There are a couple of ways to gift or share these stories.

After purchasing, you will receive a link to your stories. This is your unique link where you can stream or download the stories.

If are creating a card for someone, you can use this unique link to create a QR code. (We can help you with that!) You can then print the QR code and add it to your card. When they open the card, they will be able to scan the QR code with a smartphone and instantly stream or download any story.

If you are sending a digital card or want to email someone the gift on their special occasion, you can simply include the link you receive after you checkout today. This can be done via text message or email. They will be able to open the link and instantly start listening or download the stories to their computer.

If you have a different need than these options, we are here to help! Please contact us and we will gladly assist you in sharing these inspiring stories of the saints!

I still have a question. Where do I contact you?

To ask a question not listed here, simply respond to the email you received!

Additionally, you can contact us here and we usually respond within a business day with your answer.